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StormSafe Emergency Phone Charger with Flashlight and Weather Radio +

StormSafe Emergency Phone Charger with Flashlight and Weather Radio +

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What every mother would like to know and have that her kids are safe and protected at all times.  StormSafe Emergency preparedness most essential tool in one gives you a peace of mind.  It has features like:

Weather Radio, Flash Light, Phone Charger, Emergency Flasher and Solar and Hand Crank power generator a perfect device for your readiness.

With the StormSafe Emergency Charger, you can be sure you won’t get caught with a dead phone during a power outage. Simply connect your device via the included cable and charge your phone via the StormSafe’s Ni-MH batteries, solar panel, or hand crank (that’s right: charge your phone 3 different ways!). While your phone is charging, use the built in radio (complete with NOAA weather band) to find out the latest weather conditions. It’s also equipped with a bight 3 LED flashlight so you won’t waste precious phone battery life finding your way in the dark. Keep one StormSafe in your kitchen, and another in your glovebox, and you’ll never get stuck with a dead phone again. 

Features and specifications:

  • USB cell phone charger
  • Solar panel for charging in direct sunlight
  • Hand crank for charging and storing power via dynamo
  • Built-in Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (customer replaceable)
  • 3-LED super bright pushbutton flashlight (5000 lux at 4.75 inches)
  • Multi-band tuner with AM, FM, WB (weather band)
  • Comes with a DC cable for Apple ports, standard USB ports, miniUSB ports, microUSB ports, and a standard USB to miniUSB cable. 
  • Lightweight design (under 11oz)
  • 5 x 2.5 x 2 inches

Package includes:

  • StormSafe Emergency Charger
  • USB cable
  • USB adapter
  • DC charging cable
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