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Vegan Soy Crystal Affirmation Candle | ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE

Vegan Soy Crystal Affirmation Candle | ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE

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Light this candle to encourage openness, self-expression, and gratitude. Full-bodied citrus notes of blood orange meet the earthy spiciness of frankincense and the rich, floral aroma of jasmine. Inside, a natural garnet crystal infuses its motivational energy!

It’s a strong, positive blend to wake you up and get you going — whether you’ve physically just woken up or are needing a spiritual wake-up.
This candle’s affirmation is ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE.

  • Hand-poured with love: Our candles are not mass-produced but are carefully and lovingly created one by one.
  • calendula, and rose botanicals
  • 100% natural soy wax: Soot-free, clean-burning, made with a renewable resource, and longer-lasting.
  • Gorgeous, reusable jars: Use the jars to hold jewelry or adorn your space after the candle is finished.
  • Double-wick 12 oz size: The perfect size for most spaces!
  • Affirmation: Our candles were made with a specific intention, meant to be taken to heart as you light your candle.
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